Welcome Young One

Welcome to The Origin Path. The basic things you need to know: An Origin is another term for race or being and under every Origin is your class. You know how an RPG works. Each Origin and Origin class has its own skills, powers, and abilities. The game will revolve around an on going story, each book containing a chapter and each chapter containing several missions and each mission containing one tabletop session.

The players will try to survive on their own for most of the time, discovering their destiny, uncovering the secrets of their families, and fighting against the mysterious power slowly gaining control over the land.

Origins will be chosen randomly for anyone who wishes to play. The gameplay for the tabletop sessions follow no set of rules or D-whatevers. I have created my own system, which is simpler but needs more tweaking. I try to make this world as original as possible, to make the experience a whole lot newer and richer.

[Currently working on: Character development, maps, illustrations, and official players for the sessions. So far, I only have 4 sure players. Hurrah, Mr. Bond!]

The Origin Path

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